CARES Hong Kong Limited

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CARES Hong Kong Limited, Incorporated on 8 December 2017 Company number 2620636, is wholly owned by the UK Certification Authority for Reinforcing Steels (CARES) registered in England and Wales, 01762448 - Incorporated on 18 October 1983.

CARES launches new inspection service in Hong Kong.

This new service deployment provides an onsite independent sampling and inspection service to off-site prefabrication yards' reinforcement products.

The objectives of CARES’ new Hong Kong services are to provide an onsite independent sampling and inspection services to off-site prefabrication yard’s reinforcement products for use in private projects. In detail, CARES’ role includes: 

  • The supervision of sampling of all rebar materials including straight bars, coils and decoiled products held in stock of the off-site prefabrication yard, and all rebar products prefabricated in or supplied from the off-site prefabrication yard for private projects. All products shall be fully traceable to the manufacturer and production information.
  • CARES will inspect fabrication processes and supervise acceptance sampling and review test results to determine compliance to Construction Standard CS 2:2012 - Steel Reinforcing Bars for the Reinforcement of Concrete (September 2018) and BS 8666:2005 Scheduling, dimensioning, bending and cutting of steel reinforcement for concrete.
  • Where any non-conforming product is identified CARES will ensure effectiveness of the control measures for the disposal of non-conforming steel reinforcement bars for private projects. 
  • For information on the certification process please view the following webpage, Certification Process.
  • For information on the audit process for management systems certification please view the following webpages

-          Quality Management System Certification 

-          Environmental Management System Certification 

-          Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification 

-          Integrated Management Systems Certification